Client Booking Information

Hello and welcome to our booking information page. 

Let us help you understand how we work and what we can offer you.

Booking is only possible if:

  • You did register with us and we did approve you
  • If you book through our website (we don’t accept bookings through email!!)

Register as client

To be able to book any of our models, please register. We only accept applications from professionals and will check if you are a adult producer, photographer or similar. Unlike other agencies, we mandatory request to sign a GDPR contract to make sure that we are compliant with EU law.

Check out our booking process

We work differently than most of the agencies out there. Please check out our booking process visually to understand the flow.

Your Benefits

  • Very detailed model profiles
  • Filter & searchable model profiles
  • Favorite interesting models for later
  • Easy booking process
  • Overview over all your bookings – including easy contact options through Phone/WhatsApp
  • Structured booking emails for both client and model (models also get WhatsApp notification)
  • Get notified through email about new models
  • Invoice portal with all your invoices and graphic visualisation of your spending with us
  • Payment by bank transfer or credit card – and Apple Pay in the future


  • Girls – 15% off the models total payment –  for every scene/booking
  • Boys – fixed one time fees
  • Makeup Artists – if you book models with its free of charge – if not a one time fee of 50 Euro applies

Access Database

Only for registered and approved clients