Membership Terms

With the provided login information to our database, you will be able to view model, makeup artists and location portfolios with which you can produce your own photographic and film materials.

All portfolios include photos and specific professional specifications. As part of your membership you will be able to access some personal data of the models (photographs, body measurements and information about the fields of interest). You can use the materials, information and personal data you need to ensure your own production based on our mutual contractual relationship.

By this consent and the registration, you agree that you will not distribute any materials from our database to any third parties, especially not competitors. Any of such act would be a breach of contract and relevant data protection legislation.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of Germany:

  1. The commission for boys is one time or in case that you sign the model exclusiv you pay additionally a mothly amount as long as the model is signed exclusive (amount is specified on models details page), for girls it is recurring 10% (minimum fee 50€) or for exclusive girls 20% (minimum fee 100€) of the payment of the model for each shooting. For MUAs 50 EUR one time fee.
  2. Payment is due on the last day of the shooting. The same applies to agency commission and rentals of the locations.
  3. Models have to be paid in cash after the work is done.
  4. In case of cancellation (not rescheduling) by the Producer, the Producer is liable for all related costs payable to the agency. If the producer cancels the scheduled production in less than 5 days before the shoot, 50% of the agency commission must be paid. If the producer cancels the scheduled production in less than 2 days before the shoot, 100% of the agency commission must be paid.
  5. The Producer must respect all agreements made with the Agency regarding the activity type and amount of work of the models. If the Producer wishes to extend the range or quantity of work for the model, the Agency and the model must be informed in advance.
  6. (For Girls only!) The Producer may not contact or make direct agreements with models which have been booked through the Agency before. Failure to observe this requirement will incur a penalty of €1.000 (one thousand Euros) and a termination of the business relationship.
  7. The Agency does not assume responsibility if the model is unavailable in case of sickness. Full medical documentation will be provided by the model. The Agency will however propose alternative models.
  8. Models are available for travel abroad. However, full details of transportation, hotel accommodation and all details must be presented to the Agency AND to the model 3 (three) days before departure.
  9. The Producer is responsible for the models security, healthcare, accommodation, acceptable working condition and legal representation (if necessary). In other countries, the Producer is responsible for ensuring that models work in accordance with all local regulations, including a working visa if required.
  10. The Producer must request ID documents, medical tests or any other missing documentation from the models ON OR BEFORE the last day of production. If this requirement is not adhered to, the Agency is not responsible for any resulting consequences (especially financial damage).
  11. Before any booking of any models living in the European Economic Area each producer needs to sign a GDPR legal contract to ensure conformity with European regulations.
  12. New producers and photographers must pay a 25% down payment at least 5 days before the scheduled production date.
  13. It is forbidden to share any model data with people which are not part of your production. Especially it is prohibited to share any data with other producers or agencies. The penalty for such a contract breach will be €1.000 (one thousand Euros) and a termination of the business relationship.
  14. Our exclusive girls are not allowed to work with individuals who are listed on our blacklist. We will supply you before any shooting with this list. Failure to observe this requirement will incur a penalty of €1.000 (one thousand Euros) a report to the Data Protection Office and a termination of the business relationship.

Last Change: 31.07.2020